m3 Hotels & Residences
inspired by heART!

Opening January 2021

Arrival M3 hotel prince geneve
-- 2019
Departure M3 hotel prince geneve
-- 2019


M3 hotel prince geneve
Standard room
14 à 18 m² of cocooning
M3 hotel prince geneve
Business room
18 à 26 m² of pure happiness
M3 hotel prince geneve
Executive room
23 à 29 m² of peacefulness
M3 hotel prince geneve
Junior Suite
31 à 39 m² of pure comfort


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Trucs & astuces

Why do we need sleep?

Sleep has been proven to help your brain process all the information which was accumulated during the day and gets rid of emotional stress. In addition, during this time the body's cells regenerate themselves, muscles develop and new protein and blood are produced.
Source: Guide sommeil Helsana 2018

Tricks to wake up easily

  • open your eyes
  • choose Bridge on the river Kwai on your smartphone
  • check the time
  • sleep with half-open curtains
  • dive into the swimming pool (very efficient trick in winter)
  • be the first one at the breakfast buffet

Tricks to fall asleep

  • count sheep
  • read a story about princesses (or knights)
  • think of something pleasant, such as being a trout, swimming in a river
  • keep your room cool or sleep with an ice cube 
  • drink tea and eat a cracker (avoid cracker's crumbs in bed)

Five herbal teas to sleep well

  • chamomile
  • orange blossom
  • passion flower
  • lime tree
  • valeriana